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CrossFit Membership Prices ( Monthly - Yearly - Full Details )


Costs of CrossFit and Membership

CrossFit membership fees are fair when you consider the cutting-edge training equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and posh facilities that come with it. With 13000 affiliated exercise centres, it is regarded one of the most famous and well-known fitness businesses in the world.

Nearly half of all CrossFit gyms are located in the United States. Lifting, workouts, and gymnastics are examples of high-intensity training exercises.

CrossFit is well-known for its day-to-day advanced workouts (WODs). Aside from fitness programmes, CrossFit also offers one-on-one training programmes that are vital for a customer's overall wellness.

CrossFit Prices & CrossFit Membership cost by State

Check out below mention State-wise CrossFit Prices.

Rank State Code State Average Membership Price

1 DC District of Columbia $260.00

2 NY New York $203.77

3 RI Rhode Island $183.50

4 WA Washington $181.74

5 HI Hawaii $180.29

6 CA California $179.81

7 VT Vermont $175.00

8 NJ New Jersey $174.39

9 MA Massachusetts $172.07

10 CT Connecticut $171.82

11 MN Minnesota $170.41

12 NH New Hampshire $170.00

13 DE Delaware $166.67

14 AK Alaska $165.00

15 TX Texas $164.87

16 MO Missouri $161.44

17 NV Nevada $161.19

18 MD Maryland $159.81

19 IL Illinois $156.04

20 VA Virginia $155.58

21 NC North Carolina $155.06

22 CO Colorado $151.29

23 OR Oregon $151.05

24 TN Tennessee $150.70

25 WY Wyoming $150.00

26 FL Florida $149.54

27 PA Pennsylvania $148.43

28 AZ Arizona $145.14

29 ND North Dakota $142.50

30 AL Alabama $141.64

31 SC South Carolina $140.62

32 GA Georgia $140.26

33 NE Nebraska $138.33

34 UT Utah $136.15

35 IN Indiana $134.33

36 WI Wisconsin $130.59

37 MI Michigan $129.77

38 OH Ohio $128.22

39 OK Oklahoma $126.67

40 NM New Mexico $125.00

41 KY Kentucky $124.80

42 ID Idaho $123.17

43 LA Louisiana $123.00

44 KS Kansas $122.20

45 WV West Virginia $116.25

46 IA Iowa $116.17

47 ME Maine $113.75

48 MT Montana $108.75

49 MS Mississippi $103.75

50 AR Arkansas $97.50

Now, prices according to membership types

Membership type         Average price

2 days/week                 $66.51

3 days/week                   $114.03

4 days/week                 $133.52

5 days/week                 $180.03

Open Gym                  $59.75

Unlimited                 $136.42

Unlimited Couple         $194.89

Unlimited Family     $222.50

Weightlifting             $115.00

CrossFit Memberships and Their Costs

When it comes to CrossFit Membership options, CrossFit provides something for everyone. However, bear in mind that CrossFit membership fees vary by location. For example, the CrossFit membership price in Mississippi is $ 103.75, while it is $ 203.77 in New York.

This indicates that CrossFit prices are greater in densely populated places.

The cost of a CrossFit membership varies depending on the day.

CrossFit offers a variety of membership choices, with prices ranging from $ 66.51 for two days to $ 114.03 for three days, $ 133.52 for four days, and $ 180.03 for five days. If you enjoy weightlifting, a CrossFit weightlifting plan will set you back around $115.00.

Cost of Unlimited CrossFit Membership

Aside from that, CrossFit offers other membership options, such as the CrossFit Open Gym Membership, which costs $ 59.75, and the Unlimited Gym Membership, which costs $ 136.42.

Plan for a CrossFit couple's membership

If you enjoy working out with your significant other or a friend, CrossFit provides a great alternative for you: the CrossFit Unlimited Couple membership, which costs roughly $ 194.89, and the CrossFit Unlimited Family membership, which costs around $ 222.50.

Cost of a CrossFit Personal Trainer

You can expect to pay roughly $ 75 per hour for a CrossFit Personal Trainer to guide you in the proper direction.

CrossFit Locations Near You

This page covers all you need to know about CrossFit pricing and membership fees.

Visit their official website at for more information.

Examine all of the information I've provided to quickly obtain membership.

Visit our website,, for additional information on different gym costs.

CrossFit Membership Prices: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I expect to pay for CrossFit?

You may have a demanding work, a family, and other obligations. So a three-day/week CrossFit subscription, which costs roughly $114.03, is a better option.

2. Is CrossFit a good investment?

CrossFit may appear to be more expensive than a typical gym, but when it comes to good workout and services, CrossFit is unquestionably worth it.

3. Why is CrossFit so expensive?

A conventional gym and a CrossFit are vastly different, as CrossFit coaches are highly trained and provide proper guidance to their clients. Only a few people are allowed in all CrossFit classes to ensure that everyone gets proper attention.

CrossFit, on the other hand, has elegant touches like rugs, mirrors, and potted ferns. As a result, CrossFit cannot be compared to other types of gyms.

Disclaimer: We get our CrossFit costs from on-site visits and phone interviews, among other places. Prices on this page are derived from one or more of these sources. This website's CrossFit Membership Prices may not be up to date, and they may vary by location. Contact the CrossFit Gym location of your choice for the most up-to-date pricing.

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