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OrangeTheory Prices ( Monthly - Elite - By Classes ) | OrangeTheory Review

OrangeTheory Prices

Fitness by OrangeTheory The prices are quite reasonable and affordable for the facilities and services they provide. OrangeTheory Fitness has lately gained popularity in the United States as a newly established fitness and health club. OrangeTheory Fitness, which opened in 2010, prides itself on having a unique fitness experience that focuses on providing individuals with a tailored training experience.

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices include access to fitness coaches who lead small group sessions using heart screens to monitor a member's pulse and ensure that they consume the most amount of calories possible.

Despite the fact that the main location in Florida began only a few years ago, the fitness centre has now expanded to 38 different locations around the United States. Let's take a peek at the Orangetheory Prices and see how things stack up.

OrangeTheory Fitness Membership Costs and Details

Monthly Memberships

Basic (4 Sessions Per Month)

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Basic) $0.00

Monthly Fee (One Person) (Basic) $59.00

Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Basic) $0.00

Elite (8 Sessions Per Month)

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Elite) $0.00

Monthly Fee (One Person) (Elite) $99.00

Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Elite) $0.00

Premier (Unlimited Sessions)

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Premier) $0.00

Monthly Fee (One Person) (Premier) $159.00

Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Premier) $0.00

Additional Session

Additional Session (Extra) $18.00

Session Packages

Packages are good for a full year from date of purchase.

10 Sessions $199.00

20 Sessions $359.00

30 Sessions $499.00

Drop In Rate

1 Session $28.00

To get the most out of your workout, join the OTF's Orangetheory, which is based on the physical notion of "Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption," or EPOC, often known as "the afterburn effect." In essence, each OTF workout tries to keep you in the "Orange Zone," or a sustained heart rate of at least 12 minutes.

The afterburn effect allows you to burn calories at a greater rate even after you've done your workout. It is thought that doing so will improve your endurance and overall fitness.

Is Orangetheory accompanied by any special equipment?

Yes, is the easy answer. OTF uses heart rate sensors to properly keep track of your heart rate. Your heart rate will be displayed on the various screens in the room if you have OTBeat Core (a chest strap), OTBeat Burn (a wrist strap), OTBeat Burn (which can be placed around your forearm, wrist, or bicep), and OTBeat Link (which can be worn on your wrist, forearm, or bicep), and OTBeat Link (which can be linked via the Apple Watch).

It's just a game between you and yourself, but your goal is to spend at least 12 minutes in the Orange Zone during your workout. A nice incentive is that for every minute you spend in the Orange Zone, you earn a "Splat point," which you can track using the app.

Overview of OrangeTheory Fitness Pricing

Orangetheory exercise rates vary by area, but there are normally four packages available: Orange Premier, Orange Elite, Orange Basic, and Class Packages.

Orangetheory's Premier Package is $ 159 / month and includes unlimited courses as well as a discounted rate for families.

Orangetheory's Elite Package includes eight courses per month and Extra classes at a discounted rate of $99 per month.

Orangetheory's Basic Package, which costs $ 59 a month, includes four courses per month and Extra classes at a discounted rate.

Orangetheory's class packages are $199.00 for ten sessions, $359.00 for twenty sessions, $499.00 for thirty sessions, and $28.00 for individual sessions.

Unlike many other prominent fitness centres, OrangeTheory Fitness does not charge an initial membership fee.

The OrangeTheory Fitness monthly membership fee for unlimited courses for one person is only $160, which means you'll only have to spend $8.00 a day if you work five days a week. Isn't it fantastic?

Student Discount at Orangetheory

Many well-known gyms and fitness centres provide student discounts, such as specific student discounts or student deals.

There are currently no deals or discounts available for Orangetheory Fitness students.

You can visit their official website for fresh upcoming student offers; moreover, you can visit an Orangetheory fitness near you and inquire about student offers and other future offers.

Offers from Orangetheory

Orangetheory has something for everyone; they have a variety of deals and discount plans, and if you want to take your health and fitness to the next level, Orangetheory Discount programmes are a wonderful place to start.

Orangetheory Discounts include First Free Workout / Class, Try 2 Free Workouts, Free Bottle of Water, Retail Discounts, Membership Discounts for both members and non-members, Pack Discounts, Black Friday Offers, Holiday Gifts, and more. Other deals, like as a package, can be found on Orangetheory's official website.

Click here to see current Orangetheory deals.

Review by Members

Clients frequently comment on how good OTF's outcomes were seven years ago. The news immediately spread, and many people praised OTF. People gathered from all around the country because the findings were so significant in such a short period of time.

Many people approached the OTF founders, requesting that OTF studios be opened in other parts of the country.

The OTF's originator, Ellen Latham, asserts that her programme is the next generation of Ellen's Ultimate Workout. This was the programme she taught at her previous gym. This gym is a Pilates enthusiast's favourite.

OTF member Adon Rosello claims to have shed 450 pounds while gaining only 380. Adon Rosello claims he used to go to other gyms under the guise of working out. He states that OTF is capable of cruising long enough for him to complete his workouts. OTF, according to Latham, burns more fat than OTF.

The OTF must increase a person's heart rate to at least 85% of maximal. Excess post-exercise oxygen intake is the result of this. As a result, a person's metabolism speeds up for the rest of the day.

Locations of OrangeTheory Fitness

OrangeTheory Prices Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a ten-pack of Orangetheory classes cost?

The cost of Orangetheory's 10-pack of classes is $ 199.00.

2. Is there a family rate at Orangetheory?

Families can save money with Orangetheory's Orange Premier package. Family members who are joined to the same plan receive a monthly discount of around $ 20. The discount rate may differ depending on where you are.

3. Is there a student discount at Orangetheory?

Student discounts are not available at Orangetheory Fitness. You can visit their official website to learn about new offerings.

4. Is it worthwhile to pay for Orangetheory Unlimited?

Yes, OrangeTheory Fitness charges $ 160 per month for unlimited sessions. Even if you just go to class five days a week, it will only cost you $ 8.00 per day, which is a very reasonable price.

5. What is the monthly cost of Orangetheory Fitness?

Monthly cost of OrnangeTheory Fitness: The cost of OrangeTheory varies according on the location and plan selected. However, it generally goes like this.

  • The Premier Package (unlimited classes) at Orangetheory costs $59 per month.
  • The Elite Package (eight courses) from Orangetheory costs $99 per month.
  • The Basic Package (four courses) from Orangetheory costs $59 per month.
  • Packages from Orangetheory - 10 sessions for $199.00, 20 sessions for $ 359.00, and 30 sessions for $ 599.00
  • Individual sessions cost roughly $ 28.00 and cost $ 499.00.

6. Has Orangetheory's popularity waned?

Drop-in rates for Orangetheory: Everyone is welcome to attend Orangetheory's inaugural class. It offers packages ranging from $ 59 per month (four classes) to $ 499.00 per month (eight classes) (30 sessions per month).

Drop-in charges at Orangetheory vary by location, however a member's average drop-in rate is $ 28.00.

7. What is the price of Orangetheory?

Cost of OrangeTheory:

  • The Premier Package (Unlimited courses) at Orangetheory costs $59 per month.
  • The Elite Package (eight courses) at Orangetheory costs $99 per month.
  • The Basic Package (four courses) at Orangetheory costs $59 per month.

This page was written to provide you with comprehensive information on the OrangeTheory Fitness prices and services.

Check out all of the information provided to learn more about OrangeTheory Fitness. Visit for more information about membership.

Visit our website for more information on alternative gym costs.

Disclaimer: Orangetheory Fitness is a pseudonym for Orangetheory Fitness. The prices listed above are simply estimates. The information was acquired from a variety of sources, including the internet, on-site, and/or over the phone. Pricing may vary depending on the area or may not be up to date. Please contact your local Orangetheory fitness centre for the most up-to-date pricing.

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