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Jetts Gym Membership Prices ( Monthly - Yearly - Full Details )

Jetts Gym

The costs at Jetts Gym are very reasonable and acceptable for the facilities and services they provide. Jetts Fitness has over 270 sites throughout New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, making it one of the fastest-growing fitness chains in the world.

If you find it difficult to find time to go to the gym and work out, Jetts 24 Hours Fitness Club is the perfect option for you. Jetts Gym is a fitness gym that is open every minute of every day for its members.

Let's take a look at the Jetts Gym prices and membership costs to see how much they cost.

Jetts Gym Prices – Jetts Gym Membership cost 2021

Jetts Gym Prices – Weekly Basis

Individual Membership Fees

Per Week

Initiation Fee (Individual Member) $0.00

Weekly Fee (Individual Member) $14.95

Cancellation Fee (Individual Member) $0.00

Lock-In Contract (Individual Member) (No) $0.00

Jetts Gym Mate Rate

Per Week

Initiation Fee (Mate Rate) $0.00

Weekly Fee (Mate Rate) $12.95

Cancellation Fee (Mate Rate) $0.00

Lock-In Contract (Mate Rate) (No) $0.00

Jetts Gym Timing Hours

Day                 Hours

Monday     Open 24 Hours

Tuesday     Open 24 Hours

Wednesday Open 24 Hours

Thursday     Open 24 Hours

Friday         Open 24 Hours

Saturday     Open 24 Hours

Sunday         Open 24 Hours

Why Join Jetts Gym?

  • 24/7 No Lock-In Contract Gym
  • HIIT Team Training
  • 280+ Gyms Globally
  • Offer Personal Training
  • Train With Real People
  • Access to Jetts Member App with workout programs, nutrition advice and more
  • Get better rates when you join with a mate


Brendon and Cristy Levenson founded the company in 2007 on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and it is currently one of the fastest-growing enterprises in the world, with 270 sites in five countries.

With a turnover of $ 43 million and sales increase of 403 percent in 2012, BRW was the fastest growing franchise.

The gym is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that provides a variety of benefits, including quality training and aerobic exercises.

Jetts Gym's price has been maintained low so that everybody can take advantage of its services.

Jetts Gym Costs and Prices

Everyday Active Membership Fee: $9.95 per week + $9.95 one-time set-up fee (incl GST)

Membership Requirements:

Duration: 2 months Membership is for a minimum of one year (total commitment is $517.40 + start-up fee).

Terms must be for a minimum of 12 months, with payments made every two weeks by direct debit.

Every year, two fortnights are held.

Membership Benefits : 

  • Workout 24/7
  • Access to All club
  • Nationwide Australia and Asia
  • Referral rewards
  • Free In-club wi-fi
  • Membership Type: Flexi Freedom
  • Membership Fee: $12.95 per Week + Start-up Fee (incl GST)

Membership Condition:

  • 1 Month Minimum term ongoing Membership (Total commitment is $51.80 +Start up Fee)
  • Fortnightly payment by way of direct debit
  • Four weeks on-hold per year
  • No cancellation fee

Membership Benefits : 

  • Workout 24/7
  • Access to All club
  • Nationwide Australia and Asia
  • Referral rewards
  • Free In-club wi-fi

Membership Type: Paid in Advance (PIA)

Membership Fee :

  •  12 Months: $470.00 + Start-up Fee 
  •  06 Months : $300.00 + Start-up Fee
  •  03 Months (for members 65+ age): $130+Start-up Fee

Membership Condition :

  • Paid in Advance Membership
  • Start-up fee To be paid at Commencement 
  • 12 Weeks membership to Receive up to 4 weeks on hold time per year 
  • 06 Weeks membership to Receive up to 2 weeks on hold time per year 
  • Non-refundable subject to start-up fees 

Membership Benefits : 

  • Workout 24/7 
  • Access to All club
  • Nationwide Australia and Asia 
  • Referral rewards 
  • Free In-club wi-fi   

Concession Card : $30 incl GST for 5 visits

  • Physio 6-week Membership: $87 incl GST for six weeks, Unlimited Visits
  • Physio 12-week Membership: $170 incl GST for six weeks, Unlimited Visits
  • Casual: $15 Include GST Per Visit

Overview of Jetts 24 Hour Fitness Prices

Jetts Gym, unlike all other prominent gyms, does not charge an initial membership fee.

The weekly charge for a one-person subscription is only $14.95, which means that if you work five days a week, you will only have to pay $2.99 per day.

Mate Rate just $12.95 per week, demonstrating that Jetts 24 hour fitness fees are reasonable when compared to the cutting-edge workout equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and posh facilities that come with your membership.

Jetts Gym Locations Near You

This page was written to provide you with comprehensive information on Jetts Gym prices and services. Check out all of the information provided to learn more about Jetts Gym.

Visit for more information on membership.

Visit our website for more information on alternative gym costs.

Jetts Gym Prices: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to put my subscription on hold?

Yes, in a 12-month period, you can put your membership on hold for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 8 weeks.

To keep your membership, speak with your club management.

2. Is it necessary for me to pay more for classes?

Some jets provide free indoor and outdoor exercise lessons, while others charge for them.

Find out how many sessions are available at your Jetts gym by speaking with the manager.

3. Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my membership?

Any questions about your membership can be directed to your gym manager.

To ask a query, you can speak with your manager.

You can also visit the gym's official website.

Disclaimer: The prices listed above for Jetts memberships and Jetts fitness memberships are estimates only. The information was acquired through a variety of sources, including the internet, on-site visits, and/or phone interviews. Prices for Jetts gym memberships may vary by area or may not be up to date. Please contact your local Jetts gym for the most up-to-date rates.

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