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ILoveKickboxing Membership Prices ( Monthly - Yearly - Full Details )


ILoveKickboxing, or ILKB, is a globally recognised chain of gyms and fitness centres that promotes well-being via kickboxing and combative techniques. ILoveKickboxing pricing are quite reasonable and affordable for the services and facilities they provide.

I Love Kickboxing Prices

ILoveKickboxing Prices – Monthly

7 Month Commitment Prices

Initiation Fee $149.99

Monthly Fee $149.99

Due Today $298.99

12 Month Commitment Prices

Initiation Fee $125.99

Monthly Fee $125.99

Due Today $250.99

Overview of ILoveKickboxing prices

ILoveKickboxing costs vary by area, but the initial fee for a 7-month commitment is $149.99, with a monthly payment of $149.99; if you go to the gym five days a week, you'll only have to spend $7.45 per day; I think that's fantastic.

If you choose the 12 Month Commitment option, the initial charge is $ 125.99, and the monthly payment is $ 125.99, so if you attend to the gym five days a week, your daily expenses will be about $ 6.

And the cancellation fees for both plans are different; other Groupon offerings, such as 5 to 10 Ilovekickboxing lessons for $100 to $200 with individual training sessions, are different.

That means ILoveKickboxing's pricing are inexpensive if you commit to a 12-month contract.

Prices for ILoveKickBoxing Guest Passes

iLoveKickboxing is a cutting-edge martial arts training programme; regrettably, there is no free trial option, but you can acquire a trial programme for a few dollars.

ILoveKickboxing Club Timing

Day                 Hours

Monday         6 AM–10 PM

Tuesday         6 AM–10 PM

Wednesday 6 AM–10 PM

Thursday     6 AM–10 PM

Friday         6 AM–10 PM

Saturday     6 AM–3 PM

Sunday         6 AM–3 PM

ILoveKickboxing Nearby Me Locations

Frequently Asked Questions About ILoveKickboxing Prices

1. At iLoveKickboxing, how many calories do you burn?

"You can burn 700-800 calories per hour in an iLoveKickboxing class," says Heck, "but the calorie-burning depends on how hard you can push yourself."

One of his members, he claims, expended 856 calories in an hour.

2. Is it possible for me to terminate my iLoveKickboxing membership?

Speak with a staff member at your local iLoveKickboxing centre. Also, send an email to requesting that your iLoveKickboxing subscription be cancelled.

3. What is the six-week I Love Kickboxing Challenge?

The ILovekickboxing 6 week challenge criteria are simple: participants must either sign up for a six-month gym membership or pay a deposit in order to lose 25 pounds or 6% body fat in six weeks.

Participants get their money refunded if they complete the challenge goal.

4. How much does I Love Kickboxing cost?

Kickboxing is one of my favourite sports.

Prices for a 7-Month Commitment

  • Initiation Fee – $149.99
  • Monthly Fee – $149.99

12 Month Commitment Prices

  • Initiation Fee – $125.99
  • Monthly Fee – $125.99

This post was written to provide you with all of the details about ILoveKickboxing's prices and services.

Check through all of the information provided to learn more about I Love Kickboxing.

Visit for more information on membership. Visit our website for more information on alternative gym costs.

Disclaimer: We get our ILoveKickboxing rates from a variety of sources, including on-site visits and telephone interviews. Prices on this page are derived from one or more of these sources. Prices on this website for iLoveKickboxing may not be up to date, and they may vary by region. Contact the Gym location of your choice for the most up-to-date pricing.

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