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How To Cancel LA Fitness Membership | Gym Cancellation and Policies

Cancel LA Fitness Membership

Cancel your membership at LA Fitness

La fitness provides the most premium and great services, but if you need to cancel your subscription for whatever reason, you'll need to know how to do so.

Here's all you need to know about cancelling your LA Fitness membership.

There is no contract with LA Fitness because they provide a month-to-month membership. Only offer five days notice before your subscription cycle if you want to terminate your LA Fitness membership.

Even yet, because you paid for the entire month when you purchased the subscription, you still have 30 days to work out.

Cancelling a LA Fitness Membership in Easy Steps

Cancel Your LA Fitness Membership Online Step 1 – Log in to your account at

Step 2 – Next, select "Member Tools" from the dropdown menu and select "My LA Fitness."

Step 3: Fill in your account information.

If you don't already have an account, go to the bottom right of the screen and click "Create an online account."

When creating an account, remember to provide the membership tag number on the membership card.

Contact the personnel at LA Fitness Club if you don't know your membership tag number.

Step 4 – Once you have your account information, click on “Cancellation Form” and fill in the details.

You'll find a link to your cancellation form on the right side of the site, which will display all of your personal information such as your name, address, and phone number (the details you gave at the time of signing up for LA Fitness).

Step 5: Complete the form by checking all of the boxes. Also, send the form to the address on the form.

Ensure that all of the information on your cancellation form is correct, otherwise the procedure may be slowed.

In person, you can cancel your LA Fitness membership.

The simplest way to cancel a LA fitness membership is to go to the club in person and inform the support staff that you want to cancel.

You can tell them why you want to terminate your membership and they will provide you a cancellation form. They will take care of the rest for you.

Even if you have a problem or a question, you can contact them and they will assist you in resolving it.

Send the membership cancellation form to “LA Fitness, PO Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92619-4170” through certified mail.

If you use Certified, you already know that when LA Fitness receives your mail, you'll obtain a receipt.

Alternatively, if your club has a fax number, you can send your cancellation form to them.

Consider the following points:

After you've submitted the membership cancellation form, speak with the club's operations manager in person or over the phone to inform them that you've submitted an application to terminate your membership. If you can, explain the situation to them; they will make additional preparations for you.

Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., is the best time to contact LA Fitness' operations manager.

Remember to send your mail at least one week prior to your next billing cycle. You will be charged again if this does not happen.

How can I put my LA Fitness subscription on hold?

To put your LA Fitness membership on hold

To begin, log in to your LA Fitness account online.

On the right side of the screen, select the "Freeze" option.

That is all there is to it.

Cancellation Form for LA Fitness

On the phone or through the app, you cannot cancel your La Fitness membership.

To do so, fill out the cancellation form and mail it in.

To obtain the LA Fitness cancellation form, follow the steps outlined below.

To begin, go to the official LA Fitness login page.

Then, on the right, select Cancellation Form under the Account Information page.

Fill out the form and mail it to the address on the form.

That's all there is to Customer Service at LA Fitness.

The best approach is to contact LA Fitness customer service if you wish to cancel your subscription or if you have any questions regarding your membership.

949-255-7200 is the number to call for customer support at LA Fitness.

The following questions can be answered by contacting LA Fitness customer care.

Cancel Services Due to a Billing Issue

Complaint About a Visit Setup Service Update Account Information

a separate problem

Note: You may call at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however the optimum time to call is around 8:05 p.m.

LA Fitness Cancellation Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to terminate my LA Fitness subscription at any time?

There is no contract with LA Fitness, and membership is month-to-month. You must offer 5 days notice before your paying cycle to terminate your LA Fitness membership, and you will be able to work out for 30 days.

Is it possible to cancel your gym membership over the phone?

You will not be able to cancel your gym membership over the phone.

You must send your cancellation letter by certified mail or email to cancel your subscription. You can go to the gym in person and tell the front desk that you wish to cancel your membership. They will take care of the rest for you.

Is it possible to cancel your LA Fitness personal training?

Yes, you can cancel your LA Fitness personal training by speaking with their personal training manager and informing them of your desire to do so. It will be cancelled in 10 minutes at the same location.

Check out this post for detailed instructions on how to terminate your LA Fitness membership.

Visit their official website at for additional details.

All of the sites are marked on the map for easy reference. Visit our website for more information on additional gym locations.

Disclaimer: We get our information on How to Cancel LA Fitness Membership? from a variety of sources, including on-site visits and telephone interviews. One or more of those sources provided the information on this page. the cancellation of LA Fitness This website's information may not be up to date. Contact the LA Fitness of your choice for the most up-to-date information.

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