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GoodLife Fitness Membership Prices ( Monthly - Yearly - Full Details ) | GoodLife Fitness Review

GoodLife Fitness

There are numerous fitness and exercise centres that can assist people with this. The GoodLife Fitness in Canada is one such location. Wait until you hear about the GoodLife Fitness Prices, and you might go insane.

It is the most well-known and significant fitness and gym chain in the country, with over 300 locations.

This gym chain has remained unimaginably popular among exercise centre goers and wellness cracks since its inception, and is known for its flexible enrollment plans, training projects, and fitness classes, as well as an array of supplies ranging from high-quality hardware to cardio and freeloads gear.

GoodLife  Fitness In today's country, prices are the most focused, which motivates wellness oddities to find a definitive enrollment that meets their demands and budget.

As a result, regardless of whether you're hoping to gain access to advanced fitness equipment and training projects, or simply need to spend time at Canada's best wellness club without breaking your record, GoodLife Fitness is at your administration.

Goodlife Fitness Monthly Prices

Basic Prices  (One Club Access)

Initiation Fee $00.00

Monthly Fee $59.49

Cancellation Fee $99.49

Premium Prices (Unlimited Clubs Access)

Initiation Fee $00.00

Monthly Fee $69.49

Cancellation Fee $99.49

Goodlife Fitness Yearly Prices

Basic Prices (One Club Access)

Initiation Fee $00.00

Annual Fee $719.49

Cancellation Fee $99.49

Premium Prices (Unlimited Clubs Access)

Initiation Fee $00.00

Annual Fee $839.99

Cancellation Fee $99.99

Prices & Benefits of GoodLife Fitness

Goodlife Fitness prices are reasonable, and members get unlimited access to all facilities and services provided. The Goodlife Fitness Ultimate Membership costs $ 34.99 bi-weekly + $ 49.99 registration and grants you access to 255+ clubs.

Group Fitness, Virtual Fitness, Rewards, Premium Equipment, Hot Yoga, Towel Service, Mind Den, and Squash are among the amenities available.

Goodlife Fitness' One-Club Membership is $ 25.99 biweekly + $ 49.99 enrollment and includes Group Fitness, Virtual Fitness, Rewards, and Premium Equipment.

GoodLife Fitness Timing Hours

Day                 Hours

Monday     5.30AM–11PM

Tuesday     5.30AM–11PM

Wednesday 5.30AM–11PM

Thursday     5.30AM–11PM

Friday         5.30AM–11PM

Saturday     7AM–8PM

Sunday         7AM–8PM

GoodLife Fitness Locations Near You

This post was written to provide you with all of the information you need about the GoodLife Fitness Prices and the services they provide.

Check through all of the information provided to learn more about GoodLife Fitness.

Visit our website for more information on alternative gym costs.

Disclaimer: GoodLife Fitness is a registered trademark. The prices listed above are simply estimates. The information was acquired from a variety of sources, including the internet, on-site, and/or over the phone. Pricing may vary depending on the area or may not be up to date. Please contact your local GoodLife fitness centre for the most up-to-date rates.

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