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Blink Fitness Membership Prices ( Monthly - Yearly - Full Details )

Blink Fitness

The fees at Blink Fitness are very reasonable and inexpensive for the facilities and services they provide. It's one of the most well-known gyms on the East Coast. Blink Fitness is proud to offer all of the fitness benefits.

Blink Fitness offers the finest in class Gym centre offices and administrations for those who want to look and feel better in more than 50 locations across New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Let's also take a look at the Blink Fitness Prices to see how things stack up.

Blink Fitness Monthly Membership Prices

Blink Fitness Gray Membership Prices – One Club Access

Annual Maintenance Fee (Single Person) $39.00

Monthly Fee (Single Person) $25.00

Cancellation Fee (Single Person) $0.00

12-Month Agreement (Single Person) $0.00

Blink Fitness Green Membership Prices – All Club Access

Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) $39.00

Monthly Fee (One Person) $35.00

12-Month Agreement (One Person) $0.00

Cancellation Fee (One Person) $0.00

Blink Fitness Annually Membership Prices

Blink Fitness Gray Membership Prices – One Club Access

Annual Maintenance Fee (One Adult) $39.00

Annual Fee (One Adult) $299.99

Cancellation Fee (One Adult) $0.00

Blink Fitness Green Membership Prices – All Club Access

Annual Maintenance Fee (Single Individual) $39.00

Annual Fee (Single Individual) $399.99

Cancellation Fee (Single Individual) $0.00

We'll go over everything you need to know about Blink Fitness, including the benefits, personal trainer policies, Blink Fitness membership fees, Blink Fitness guest pass, and other services.

Benefits of Becoming a Member of Blink Fitness

By becoming a member of Blink Fitness, you will be able to participate in their Feel Good Experience. They provide a one-of-a-kind workout setting that cannot be compared to any other fitness centre.

The goal of the fitness centre is to motivate everyone who works out there. If you include very upbeat coaches and staff members, you're sure to have a great experience working out.

Blink Fitness' Personal Trainer Policy

At Blink Fitness, personal training is available. You can obtain 30 to 60 minute long personal training programmes with guaranteed mentors for as little as $27 per week.

You can schedule your personal training sessions ahead of time and on days and hours that are convenient for you. Any cancellations of scheduled sessions must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Charges for Blink Fitness Membership

The best thing about Blink Fitness is probably their membership fees. For as little as $15 per month, you can become a full-time employee and approach their administrations.

You can join one of their three clubs, which are Green, Blue, or Gray. The most expensive option, Green enrollment, allows you full access to all branches as well as some limited incentives.

Each part is charged a yearly maintenance fee of $49 per year. This fee is due on the third day of the third month following your enrollment.

Their monthly trainer fees are based on the number of sessions and the length of each session. For example, a monthly agreement with four 30-minute sessions costs $125.

Guest Pass for Blink Fitness

If you are a member of the Green or Blue teams, you are eligible for unlimited guest passes. Each time you work out, you can bring one visitor with you.

Requirements Visitors must be 18 years of age or older to benefit from visitor advantages with a blink guest pass. For them to get in, they'll need a valid ID and proof of age. Visit for more information.

Cancellation of Blink Fitness

Blink fitness provides excellent service, but if you need to cancel your subscription for any reason, you must first understand how to cancel blink membership.

Here's all you need to know about cancelling your blink membership.

Blink Fitness Gray membership is a no-strings-attached affair. It is not necessary to pay a buyout fee in order to cancel it. You only need to give notice of cancellation. The number of days you must give notice for blink fitness cancellation varies by state.

The Blue, Green, and Orange memberships at Blink Fitness are 12-month contracts; you must pay a buyout fee after giving advance notice to discontinue these memberships.

The cost of cancelling your blink membership and the amount of days you must give notice are listed below.

Buyout fee and the number of days notice required for Blink Fitness cancellation

States                 Buyout Fee Notice Period

New York               $60                     45 days

New Jersey             $60                     45 days

Massachusetts         $60                     45 days

Michigan                 $60                     45 days

Florida             $60                     45 days

Texas                 $60                     45 days

Pennsylvania         $50                     45 days

California         $50                     30 days

Illinois                 $60                     30 days

Veterans             $60                      30 days

After 12 months, Blue, Green, or Orange membership is converted into the month-to-month contract, and then the buyout fee is waived, but cancellation notice is required.

Personal Training at Blink Gym

In-gym personal training and virtual personal training are two options for individualised personal training at Blink Fitness.

Blink Gym's specialised and licenced personal trainer helps you attain your fitness goals with socially distant support in the In-gym personal training option, which costs $30 each session.

With Blink Gym's Virtual personal training programme, you may achieve a wonderful and shapely physique with the help of a professional and licenced personal trainer; you can start training anywhere; you only need to pick a trainer, book a session, and Virtual personal training costs $25 per session.

Equipment from Blink Gym

Treadmills, stationary bicycles, rowers, and elliptical machines are among the cardio equipment available in each of their branches. They also have strength equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, and chairs.

Battle ropes, medicine balls, rollers, and resistance bands are among the top training equipment available. They even offer a functional area where you can conduct HIIT and high-intensity aerobics.

Facilities at Blink Gym

When you're finished, you can relax in one of their open storage spaces. Showers, plenty of extra area, scales, mirrors, shampoo and soap, and toiletries vending machines are all included.

Finishing the exercise is a best-in-class front territory that is overseen by their fantastic team. This area offers free Wi-Fi access as well as a store where you can purchase official items and merchandise from just a few minutes ago.

Blink Fitness Prices: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to join Blink Fitness?

Price: Blink Fitness A monthly membership to one Blink site is $25. It costs $35 a month for one person to have access to all of the locations.

2. Is there an annual charge for Blink?

The annual charge for a Blink Fitness membership is $299.99 for a single Blink facility. It costs $399.99 a year for one person to have access to all of the locations.

3. What is the cost of cancelling a blink membership?

Cancel your Blink Fitness Gray subscription: There is no buyout cost with a Blink Fitness Gray membership, so you can cancel it with only 45 days' notice.

Blue and Green memberships have 12-month commitments with a 45-day notice period and a buyout cost. Then you have the option to cancel your membership.

4. Does Blink Fitness accept cash payments?

Yes, you can pay with cash or a debit/credit card at Blink Fitness.

This post will provide you with detailed information about Blink Fitness Prices as well as member feedback.

Visit their official website at for additional details.

Read the entire storey and check out Blink Fitness' membership rates.

Check out our website,, for more information on different gym costs.

Blink fitness is a trademark of Blink Fitness. The prices listed above are simply estimates. The information was acquired from a variety of sources, including the internet, on-site, and/or over the phone. Pricing may vary depending on the area or may not be up to date. Please contact your local Blink Fitness location for the most up-to-date rates.

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