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Best way to Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership ( *UPDATED* ) | 24hourfitness membership cancellation

Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership

One of the major fitness chains in the United States is 24 Hour Fitness. They have four million customers and operate 420 clubs in only 13 states in the United States. Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Hawaii have the most 24 Hour Fitness Centers.

If you wish to cancel your 24 Hour Fitness Membership for whatever reason, you'll need to know How to Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership. Below is all the information you'll need.

How do I cancel my membership with 24 Hour Fitness?

To terminate your 24 Hour Fitness subscription, follow these quick and straightforward steps.

When you join up for 24 Hour Fitness, you will receive a membership agreement; carefully read this membership agreement since it contains all of the details on the 24 Hour Fitness cancellation policy.

Within 3 to 5 days of purchase, you can cancel your membership.

If you choose to cancel your membership during the first three days (5 days in California and Hawaii), you must notify 24 Hour Fitness within those three days; in this instance, you will receive a full refund.

For additional details on the cooling-off period, read their membership agreement.

If your membership has been active for more than three days, the procedure for cancelling it varies depending on the type of membership you have.

Cancellation of 24 Hour Fitness Basic/Monthly Payment Membership

If you have a Basic 24 Hour Fitness monthly (No Contract) subscription, you can cancel it by sending a cancellation notice to 24 Hour Fitness. This warning might be given in person or over the phone.

The notice of cancellation must be in writing.

Your next monthly payment will be cancelled upon receipt of your cancellation request, and you will be responsible for paying the previous month's prepaid balance.

The best alternative is to go to the club in person and seek a cancellation of the 24 Hour Fitness membership in writing. Because even if you are unsure, you will receive an answer and be assured that your membership has been terminated.

Speak with the support staff or club manager at the 24 Hour Fitness Club, and they will make further preparations for you.

How can I cancel my subscription with 24 Hour Fitness Commitment Monthly Payment?

If you have a monthly commitment payment membership with 24 Hour Fitness, you will not be able to cancel it during the commitment period, with the exception of exceptional situations such as disability, death, transfer, or military deployment.

Fitness is available around the clock. You can terminate your membership in person or over the phone after the menstrual commitment period has ended.

Your future payments will be stopped as a result of this application, and the cancellation process will continue.

Important: For complete details on your 24 Hour Fitness membership cancellation rights, read the 24 Hour Fitness membership agreement in its entirety.

How to Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership Online

To cancel your 24-Hour Fitness Membership online, go to this page. Go to to cancel online.

and then follow the simple instructions

How to cancel 24 hour fitness membership phone number?

Call 866-308-8179 to cancel your 24 Hour Fitness membership over the phone and tell them you want to cancel.

  • Call 866-308-8179 for 24 Hour Fitness customer service.
  • Request to talk with a customer care representative.
  • Confirm your account details.
  • Contract cancellation request

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