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World Gym Fitness Membership Prices ( *UPDATED* ) Offers and Types

Joe Gold founded World Gym in 1976, during a time when Venice, California's "Muscle Beach" was at its peak. Joe Gold was one of the first muscle builders to make Muscle Beach prominent.

He toured the country with Mae West promoting muscle growth during his prime. He was at the heart of the long-standing link between Hollywood and fitness that has existed between the two for many years.

Joe began a trend that was later picked up by celebrities and musclemen like Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dave Draper. These three have had long and fruitful careers in Hollywood while maintaining a close association with World Gym.

Because of the celebrity endorsements, World Gym has grown into a globally renowned gym brand that has piqued the curiosity of individuals all over the world.

As a result, it's no surprise that World Gym is now one of the most well-known gym brands in the world.

World Gym is a full-service health club that welcomes all members of the family. It provides the highest-quality fitness equipment to help members achieve their fitness goals. Full cardio equipment, private Pilates reformer training, Pilates mat sessions, circuit training, and a stretching training centre are all available at this gym.

World Gym also has an indoor pool, Red Cross Water Safety Instructors teaching swimming classes, a nutritional centre, and a weight room. Four group workout studios with over 90 courses each week, a pro shop, a private personal training studio, locker rooms, and a café are also available to members and guests.

World Gym Membership Prices 2021

Parisi Speed School is the Fastest Way to Become a Better Athlete at World Gym. This fitness club currently has over 200 franchises around the world.

In the United States, Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, Central and South America, India, Canada, Russia, Egypt, and South Korea, there are 36 World Gyms. More franchises and flagship gyms are still in the works as part of the company's international expansion strategy.

The most recent World Gym prices are listed here.


12 Month Contract

Initiation Fee (Standard) (Starting Price) $20.00

Monthly Fee (Standard) (Starting Price) $19.95

Cancellation Fee (Standard) (Starting Price) $75.00


Initiation Fee (Premier) (Starting Price) $20.00

Monthly Fee (Premier) (Starting Price) $34.95

Cancellation Fee (Premier) (Starting Price) $75.00


12 Month Contract (Optional)

Initiation Fee (Senior) (Starting Price) $0.00

Monthly Fee (Senior) (Starting Price) $30.00

Cancellation Fee (Senior) (Starting Price) $75.00


Initiation Fee $49.00

Annual Fee (Per Visit) $5.00

Cancellation Fee $75.00


Working with a nationally qualified personal trainer is available as part of your World Gym membership. He'll show you how to use an effective approach to attain your fitness goals.

World Gym will also give you with the necessary equipment, classes, and motivation and encouragement to help you maintain your efforts and maintain a healthy lifestyle even when times are difficult. This is all part of their objective to become the finest part of your day, every day.

Other advantages are available to World Gym members. They are as follows:

World Gym Coupon Card — with this card, you can get discounts on a variety of products and services from various suppliers who work closely with the gym.

Hair Majesty - Hair Majesty offers a 20% discount to all World Gym members on hair grooming services.

O Sole Mio is offering a $2.00 discount on all pizza orders. Any pizza orders for Dining Room Check or Kitchen Take Out (for a minimum of $15.00) will receive an additional 15% discount.

L&B Sales & Service is offering a 15% discount on all accessories. Hid headlamps, rims, bespoke audio, and bedliners are among them. At the time of purchase, you must show your World Gym membership ID.


As a family-owned and operated gym, it offers a variety of membership options to suit the needs of all family members. At World Gym, there are three basic membership options:

  • Monthly membership — this sort of membership allows you to come and go whenever you choose.
  • Three-month membership — for three months, you will have full access to the gym and its equipment.
  • Annual membership — this sort of membership is for people who have an annual fitness goal or wish to maintain their fitness level throughout the year.


In its class, World Gym has the most cheap membership. The following are some of the membership fees available.

Annual membership is $49 for the first year and $5 per visit after that. This is a worry-free subscription that covers both weight training and cardio.

One-month short-term membership is $35 per month, with no contract required, and includes access to all weight-lifting and cardio facilities.

Three-month short-term membership is $99 and includes access to all weight-lifting and cardio sections.

Standard Rate – $19.95 per month for a 12-month contract, with a $20 setup fee

All aerobic workouts are included in the Premier Rate, which is $34.95 per month with a $20 initiation fee.

Senior Rate - $30 per month for those who are 60 years old or older (E.F.T., contract optional)

Before your current contract expires, you have the option of renewing it. There is a $20 renewal cost. The new contract rate will be determined by the current rates.

If all of your monthly payments are current, you can also cancel your existing contract by paying a $75 cancellation fee. Companies can also get discounted rates for their employees if they go as a group to World Gym.

Visit the World Gym official website for additional details.

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