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Retro Fitness Membership Prices ( *UPDATED* ) VIP Plan and Benefits

Retro Fitness has more than 130 locations across the United States, making it one of the fastest growing fitness chains in the country.

The centre, which is open to both men and women, includes a full range of equipment and services to ensure that your workouts are both productive and pleasurable. However, you can use the following as a price guide before joining.

The most recent Retro Fitness prices 2021



Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $99.00

Annual Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $39.00

Monthly Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $19.99

Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $0.00


Initiation Fee (Per Person) (VIP Plan) $99.00

Annual Fee (Per Person) (VIP Plan) $49.00

Monthly Fee (Per Person) (VIP Plan) $29.99

Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (VIP Plan) $0.00


Retro Fitness, like other gyms, offers a Guest Pass so you can see if a membership is worth it. There is a one-time initiation cost of $19 and a monthly fee of $19.99 if you elect to join a club. All Retro Fitness clubs, as well as all of their equipment, classes, and personal training, are available for $29.99.

The prepaid annual maintenance price is $99, and the annual fee is $99, while the prepaid membership dues are $239.88. All of the clubs need an annual payment of $359.88 for prepaid membership dues, $49.00 for prepaid annual maintenance fees, and $99.00 for the initiation charge. There is no penalty for cancelling.

These are all one-time purchases for single memberships. Please keep in mind that these are only general price suggestions, as local Retro Fitness locations may provide special promotions, discounts, or other benefits not available elsewhere.

To join up for a membership, go to the Retro Fitness official website and click "Join Now." A map will show, allowing you to select the place that is closest to you. Click "Join Now" after selecting the proper area. A new window will open, allowing you to select the sort of membership you want.

The basic Annual Membership and the Annual VIP Membership are the two options. The annual membership charge is $99, with the first month's dues being $19.99. There is a $99 registration cost for the Annual VIP Membership (12 months), but there is no processing fee with the $29.99 first month dues.


Members can also use the state-of-the-art cardio movie theatre, which should make workouts more enjoyable, as well as the Retro Blends Juice Bar, which offers nutritional smoothies to end your workouts. Members also get access to tanning and child sitting, allowing them to work out while their children are looked after.

Retro Fitness members can also download the official app. The software, which is available for free on iTunes and Google Play, allows you to check into the club you joined and log your workouts, making it like having a virtual personal trainer with you. It also connects to other devices and apps. This app also has extensive social feed integration and gives you access to the most recent Retro Fitness promotions and challenges.

Retro Fitness members who download the app can use it to set goals and track their progress. Keeping a diary or notebook used to be difficult, but today it's much easier because the app maintains track of them for you. Retro Fitness also offers discounts and awards to its subscribers, and the app makes it easy to keep track of them all. While the app is not required, it is free and provides a number of benefits and features that make working out more convenient.


Retro Fitness was developed with one goal in mind: to ensure that you receive the results you want in the shortest amount of time possible.

With its high-end facilities, experienced personnel, and skilled personal trainers, the centre has set itself apart from the competitors from the start. All of the advantages and rewards are designed to help the centre achieve its goal of making workouts more enjoyable.

The centre has also become recognised for its low prices, so it's no surprise that it's been growing at a rapid pace, according to industry observers. The company's motto has been the same since its inception: to deliver "more for less."

Retro Fitness' success has been aided by the company's founders' experience, as the company's brains have been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and know what works and what doesn't.

Retro Fitness was started with the vision and goal of providing maximum service at a fraction of the cost that other fitness centres charge, and it was developed with the notion that clients must be provided with the services they require without compromise.

As a result, Retro Fitness' research and development concentrated on refining the parts of workouts that most fitness enthusiasts take for granted. At the same time, a focus was placed on establishing a setting that was acceptable for individuals new to exercising, but Retro Fitness also wanted to ensure that experienced gym goers had all of their demands fulfilled.

Visit the Retro Fitness official website for additional details.

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