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Pure Barre Fitness Membership Prices ( *UPDATED* ) Monthly and Classes

Carrie Rezabek, an unheralded choreographer with past experience in ballet, Pilates, and weights, established “Pure Barre” in 2006. Her background includes a bachelor's degree from Michigan State University and a law degree from Wayne State University.

Rezabek is on a mission to use single-minded workouts to inspire and rejuvenate women of all ages. Her original studio, in Birmingham, Michigan, was a pure-barre studio, which she later expanded to include other low-impact workouts, but only for women.

Carrie Rezabek is a trim workout choreographer and a Luluemon Athletica brand ambassador in the San Diego area. Luluemon produces yoga clothing as well as “sticky socks” for the gym (both of which are advertised on gym Web pages) and has subsequently expanded into brewing.

The most recent Pure Barre prices 2021



Initiation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited) $0.00

Monthly Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited) $199.99

Cancellation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited) $0.00


Initiation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited Special) $0.00

Monthly Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited Special) $100.00

Cancellation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited Special) $0.00


1 Class $22.00

5 Classes $100.00

10 Classes $190.00

15 Classes $270.00

20 Classes $340.00


The following prices may vary depending on the venue, but they are representative: One-time Class Passes are $20 or $23, five classes are $100, ten classes are $200, fifteen classes are $250, and one month unlimited is $150, $175, or $225 for new members in new sites.


Ms. Rezabek, as the sole owner of Pure Barre, has done missionary work to promote the low-impact regimens in Michigan, five sites in California, Kentucky, and Tennessee without investing in advertising or promotions for the chain. In actuality, as of 2013, the business claimed to have 200 sites.


Pure Barre takes inspiration from ballet's ultra-feminine appeal, yoga floor movements, and the Pilates theory of control through focus, centering, flow or efficiency of movement, precision, and power breathing.

Pilates and yoga courses have been held in community centres, gyms, and physiotherapy rooms, requiring no more difficult equipment than exercise balls and yoga floor mats.

Pure Barre seeks to overcome gym student reluctance by asserting that the workouts can be done without the benefit of dancing or gym expertise, which is consistent with the whole philosophy. Anyone who can hold on to the ballet barre is welcome to participate.

Simultaneously, teachers reassure newcomers that they should prepare to work hard with light weights, a ball, and a tube. On-site, individual yoga mats are offered.

All of the 55-minute workouts are set to music. Warm up, thigh work, seat work, and ab work are the five Pure Barre workout steps. Starting with small weights, the mix of ballet, Pilates, and regular aerobics-class weight training progresses to the ballet bar for a sequence of motions focusing on the abdominal and butt muscles.

This is why Pure Barre guarantees a custom-designed total body workout that allows every client to achieve her goals, regardless of her starting shape or which body regions require attention.

It's possible that the Pure Barre system over-promises by claiming that it's suitable for beginners of all levels of fitness and experience.

Instructors educate each new client all of the basic postures and motions in the barre studio before showing them how to work more extensively on their problem areas. To avoid boredom, the establishment changes the music and seating arrangements for all classes on a regular basis.

The studio's five tiers for working on problem areas are:

“Breaking Down the Barre” is a complimentary lesson that will help you better understand Pure Barre technique. anupama Each customer also receives a review of the exercises and workouts that are effective for specific problem areas, with the goal of persuading them to go to the more intensive activities #two to #five (below) when they are ready.

  • Intensive: “Fab Abs” — A lengthier 75-minute workout with the added purpose of “burning away” fat and gaining toned, sculpted, and attractive abs as a result.

  • Intensive: “Slenderize Outer Thighs” - At 75 minutes, this routine takes the extra time to more severe seat work to target that recalcitrant outer thigh area and trim around the waist.

  • Intensive: “Lifted Seat” — An additional 1 hour and 15 minutes of hard seat exercises to raise, tighten, and tone the buttocks.

  • Intensive: “Bye Bye Inner Thighs” — A 75-minute exercise that includes the Pure Barre total body workout and intense thigh work to sculpt the inner thighs for thin and attractive upper legs.

  • “Pure Barre Lite” — A slower pace for ladies who need to work on their stamina and strength initially.


The gym recommends wearing comfy slacks, leggings, or capris (but not shorts) and a top that covers your stomach for optimal exercise flexibility. You'll notice better outcomes in terms of flexibility if you do it this way. For workouts on the carpet and wooden floors, the elastic, studded "sticky socks" are also advised.


Pure Barre conducts "Bring on the Men" promos for connection and intimacy with husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, and friends, just as men try out Zumba classes.

Visit the Pure Barre official website for additional details.

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