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Powerhouse Gym Membership Prices ( *UPDATED* ) History and Joining Benefits

Under the leadership of Danish brothers William and Norman, Powerhouse Gym opened its first branch in Highland Park, Michigan, in 1975. Starting as a small, single inner-city health club, the gym has grown into one of Michigan's most respected health clubs and gyms.

It eventually swept the country, becoming extremely popular and sought after by people who are serious about improving their health and overall appearance. Most people choose it when they want a gym that can provide them with not only the best workout programmes and equipment, but also a motivating environment to help them achieve their fitness goals.

After more than 35 years, the gym has cemented its prominent place in the health and wellness business as the name has become a top health brand. It now has 300 licensees spread over 39 US states, and it continues to attract global attention and acclaim as it grows to 17 more countries. The original Powerhouse Gym in Highland Park is still open, and in 2010 it celebrated 35 years in business.

Powerhouse Gym is now known as one of the most aggressive and well-respected gyms in the country. The gym is noted for its effective workout plans, knowledgeable staff, reasonable Powerhouse fees, and top-of-the-line fitness equipment and facilities. 

Such characteristics are evident within the organisation to ensure that members receive complete support in their pursuit of their fitness goals. The gym exemplifies the highest level of commitment and dedication to achieving customer satisfaction. All Powerhouse services are delivered with pride, friendliness, and a positive attitude. Its goal is to motivate each and every member to improve themselves.

According to IHRSA, a health and fitness advocacy organisation, Powerhouse Gym's name and trademark are two of the most well-known fitness and health brands in the United States and around the world. In fact, the Powerhouse Gym symbol and logo are recognised by 7 out of 10 people in the United States.

Powerhouse Gym Membership Prices 2021

Powerhouse Gym has been in business for almost 40 years, and it keeps on developing till date. Its ambitious expansion has found it opening more sites in over 39 US states and 17 destinations all over the world.

Powerhouse Gym strives to provide all of its members with top-notch gym facilities, numerous high-tech amenities and equipment, and an environment that is completely conducive to workout training as a competitive leader in the competitive world of health and fitness. With 1.2 million members worldwide and counting, Powerhouse Gym has proven to be a highly popular and sought-after gym.

The most recent Powerhouse Gym prices are listed below.

12 Month Commitment
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (Regular 12 Month) $39.99
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Regular 12 Month) $89.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Regular 12 Month) $0.00

18 Month Commitment
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (Regular 18 Month) $39.99
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Regular 18 Month) $79.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Regular 18 Month) $0.00

No Commitment
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (Month To Month) $39.99
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Month To Month) $99.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Month To Month) $0.00

12 Month Commitment
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (1 Year Membership) $39.99
Paid in Full Dues (One Person) (1 Year Membership) $800.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (1 Year Membership) $0.00


Powerhouse Gym membership fees vary depending on a prospective member's location and the membership type he chooses. The average charge per month is roughly $25.

The prices to be paid include the registration charge, which is roughly $75, and the annual enhancement fee, which is $20; the 2 Year ACH Agreement, which is $35.00 per month; and the 1 Year ACH Agreement, which is $40.00 per month. Most places also offer Family and Couples plans, which help to lower the amount of costs that must be paid.


As a member, you have unrestricted access to the gym's equipment and facilities. Powerhouse does not require long-term membership and even allows members to pay in instalments.

Apart from top-of-the-line equipment, skilled trainers, and knowledgeable and courteous personnel, the gym also provides other important elements such as a full-service shop with bars, supplements, and beverages from leading health and fitness manufacturers and brands. Powerhouse Gym also sells top-of-the-line workout gear and accessories.

It does, after all, have its own gym gear line. Members can use the gym's tanning equipment at any time of day or night, with unlimited tanning privileges available for less than $18 per month. In comparison to other simple gyms and clubs, Powerhouse pricing are obviously inexpensive.


Powerhouse Gym's trainers and fitness professionals are fully committed and trained to working closely with all of its members. Whatever a member's degree of physical fitness, he will receive the proper attention from a gym-designated fitness expert. He will make every effort to guarantee that a member sees the results he desires from his fitness plan as soon as feasible.

A top Powerhouse Gym trainer will work with each member to ensure that he or she completes all of the basic and advanced workout routines that have been allocated to him. These same effective programmes are what set Powerhouse Gym apart from other clubs, gyms, and fitness centres.

Similarly, the low cost of membership at Powerhouse Gym makes it even more appealing. When a person signs up, he is entitled to a free training session. Many people love it because of the individualised routine training and low Powerhouse expenses.

Visit the official website of Powerhouse Gym for more details.

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