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New York Sports Club Membership Prices ( *UPDATED* ) Training and Programs

The Sports Clubs Network includes the New York Sport Club. The Sports Clubs, which were founded in 1974, currently have over half a million members and 150 clubs across the United States and Switzerland.

Town Sports International, the Clubs' operator, is the largest health club corporation in the Northeast United States. Prices for New York Sport Club can be found below. The New York Sport Club was founded to assist people in achieving their fitness objectives and improving their lives via physical activity.

Their professional fitness teams will assist you in lowering your cholesterol, developing a good-looking and toned body, and living a healthier lifestyle. Saunas, swimming pools, steam rooms, and locker rooms are among the amenities available in their first class gyms. You can bring your children to the gym since New York Sport Club locations offer babysitting and children's programming.

The most recent New York Sports Club prices 



Annual Fee of $69.99 due on the 15th of the month following your enrollment.

Joining Fee (One Person) (One Club Access) $0.48

Monthly Fee (One Person) (One Club Access) $64.99

Pro-rated Dues (One Person) (One Club Access) $51.99

Cancellation Fee (One Person) (One Club Access) $0.00


Annual Fee of $69.99 due on the 15th of the month following your enrollment.

Joining Fee (One Person) (All Clubs Access) $0.48

Monthly Fee (One Person) (All Clubs Access) $99.99

Pro-rated Dues (One Person) (All Clubs Access) $79.99

Cancellation Fee (One Person) (All Clubs Access) $0.00


One-on-one. You'll work out with a professional trainer one-on-one. Your personal trainer will work with you to design a programme that is appropriate for your body type. Two personal workouts will be held every three months to track your improvement. You'll have a fitness journal where you can track your progress and establish objectives. You will receive four complimentary visitor passes each month.

Training for a group. You will participate in high-intensity programmes in small groups during team trainings. Two personal workouts will be held every three months to track your improvement. You'll have a fitness journal where you can track your progress and establish objectives.


Circuit UXF. Circuit workouts from the Ultimate Fitness Experience (UXF) combine cardio conditioning and weight training. It is designed to help you increase your endurance, flexibility, strength, and agility. You will do high-intensity workouts in brief spurts during the programme. Short rest times will occur in between so that your body can swiftly adapt to the changing conditions.

Sleds, truck tyres, and combat ropes are examples of equipment that may be used in UXF Circuit training. These will be used in conjunction with plyometric workouts. The idea is for you to build a well-balanced circuit while moving at your own pace.

Exercise for the Core Group. You'll find exciting sessions in this programme, ranging from abdominals to Zumba, peaceful yoga to heart-pounding dance. Here are some of the classes available to you:

Cycling — Whether you're a novice or a seasoned cyclist, you'll be challenged to develop your endurance and burn calories by cycling. You will cycle while listening to music in a group setting. Motivational methods and interval training approaches will be used to imitate the actual riding experience.

Bodypump - This is a unique class that uses barbells to strengthen your body. You'll be working out all of your muscle groups as great music plays in the studio. Squats, pulls, curls, and presses will be performed with the assistance of your trainer.

Barre conditioning combines ballet-inspired routines with Pilates to create a total-body workout. This workout will focus on minor muscle areas that are often overlooked during standard workouts. You'll be able to enhance your posture, core stability, and joint alignment in addition to creating a dancer's body.


This results-oriented training will take you to the next level. Personal training and team motivation will be available to you. Here are some of the classes available to you:

Pilates reformer — The Pilates reformer is a mind-body exercise regimen. It is designed to target all of your muscle groups in order to help you achieve a lean and sculpted physique. You'll do exercises with your spring resistance and your own body weight.

TRX — This is another original class from New York Sports Clubs. It's a bodyweight-based workout that will help you develop core stability, balance, strength, and flexibility all at the same time. This can be utilised for personal training or small group training.

Kettlebells - This exercise engages hundreds of muscles simultaneously. Kettlebell training aids in the development of lean muscles while also burning calories and improving your core. You should have a well-toned and balanced physique, as well as high functional strength.

Visit the New York Sport Club website to find a class. On the top of the website, select the ‘Classes' tab. You can search by ‘Current location,' ‘Zip code,' or ‘Choose area,' among other options. If you select a location, for example, a selection of clubs will show in the box below; select your chosen club and click "Go." You can further narrow down the results by specifying the date and hour, as well as the class style and instructor.

Partnerships with businesses and groups are also available through the New York Sport Club. Employers are encouraged to promote healthy lifestyles through wellness initiatives. The New York Sport Club has worked with almost 400 businesses to promote corporate wellness.

Visit the official website of the New York Sports Club for additional information.

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