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iLoveKickboxing Membership Prices ( *UPDATED* ) Monthly and Cancellation Fess


Kickboxing is a punching and kicking combat sport. Muay Thai, Karate, and Western boxing were combined to create this martial art. It is classified as a hybrid martial art since it incorporates characteristics of traditional martial arts. Kickboxing is not only a contact sport, but it is also used for general fitness and self-defense.

Kickboxing became popular in the United States in the mid-1970s. During this time, the Professional Karate Association hosted the first World Championships. World Kickboxing Association, World Association of Kickboxing Organizations, International Combat Organisation, World Sport Kickboxing Federation, International Kickboxing Federation, and many other kickboxing organisations exist around the world. This sport does not have a single worldwide governing body.

ILoveKickboxing Membership Prices 2021

iLoveKickboxing, or ILKB, is a kickboxing fitness club that emphasises a healthy lifestyle. They have facilities in several states around the United States, as well as others in other areas of the world. iLoveKickboxing sets itself apart from other gyms by employing teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching this martial art.

They want to offer fantastic classes to regular men and women who want to do high-intensity workouts. Take a look at the iLoveKickboxing pricing listed below.

The most recent iLoveKickboxing pricing are listed below.

Initiation Fee (One Person) (7 Month Commitment) $149.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (7 Month Commitment) $149.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (7 Month Commitment) $0.00

Initiation Fee (One Person) (12 Month Commitment) $125.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (12 Month Commitment) $125.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (12 Month Commitment) $0.00


Kickboxing will keep you physically active for a long time. It will also give you a sense of accomplishment. It makes no difference if you have no prior experience with kickboxing. Train at any ILKB location and reap the following mental and physical health benefits:

A healthier way of life. Kickboxing is a total-body, high-aerobic workout. All of your body's muscular groups will be worked out. Your muscular tone, stamina, balance, flexibility, and strength will all improve. Every class will cause you to burn a significant amount of calories. You'll also notice that your food cravings aren't as strong as they used to be.

Improvements in cardiovascular health. You will be able to stress your heart while training. This may give you pause for thought. According to studies, though, this is a good method to boost your cardiovascular health.

Increased self-assurance. ILKB is a welcoming and supportive group where you may learn how to play this contact sport. Respect and good encouragement are two traits that kickboxing will instil in you. You will also grow less scared in circumstances where you may face danger as you practise self-defense methods. Your reflexes will increase, and you'll have a faster reaction time when doing demanding or even basic activities.

Muscle tone and weight loss are both excellent. You can burn up to 500 calories in an hour of kickboxing training. Additionally, you will be able to build more muscular mass. This means that your metabolic demands will be great, and your agility will improve.

Mood improvement. You will notice a reduction in stress and irritation if you attend kickboxing lessons on a regular basis. The endorphins released by your body during exercise make this possible. Your mood will improve, making your days more enjoyable.


You will be able to choose between private and group classes. Your schedule and the instructors' availability will be factors to consider.
The number of people in a group lesson will range from 15 to 30. Other instructors will assist if the class is large.

If this is your first time attending a kickboxing class, you will be relieved to learn that novices are always welcome at IKLB. Advanced students will also be available to help you if needed.

You will not be required to get in shape before beginning the kickboxing courses. The ILKB trainings are designed to allow participants to work at their own pace. Each member will also be given opportunities to test their own abilities.

During class, IKLB will give you dietary advice. If you have any specific questions, you can set up a meeting with your instructor to discuss them.

Attend at least three lessons per week if you want to see great results from your training. Each class is one hour long. Your body will tone out sooner than you think with the right nutrition, resistance training, and aerobic routine.

Kickboxing differs from a normal aerobic workout in that it incorporates proper resistance training. Cardio can aid with fat loss. However, unlike kickboxing, it does not lead to the development of lean muscular tissue, which burns more fat. Furthermore, kickboxing produces a more contoured body than a conventional cardio workout.

If you're serious about burning fat, losing weight, improving your health, and looking and feeling amazing, start kickboxing at IKLB today. Read their members' testimonies to realise that accomplishing these goals is not impossible. All you need is the right kind of drive, and you'll be well on your way to getting the body you've always desired.

Visit the official website of iLoveKickboxing for more details.

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