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ClassPass Membership Prices ( *UPDATED* ) Monthly and Classes

Payal Kadakia came up with the idea of combining a reservation system and a search engine for fitness programmes in 2008. His motivation stemmed from a fruitless search for available ballet classes in New York City on the internet.

However, Kadakia did not debut Classtivity until June 2012. It was relaunched to its current name, ClassPass, in January 2014.

ClassPass is now the world's largest health and fitness club aggregator, with over 8,500 clubs in over 100 locations across the world. You'll almost certainly discover two or more gyms, fitness clubs, or health clubs that satisfy your needs.

ClassPass obtains discounts from fitness clubs, a benefit granted by these businesses in exchange for the latter's ability to expand its customer base.

Whether you're seeking for information on Timbuktu or fitness classes in New York City, search aggregators are a wonderful method to get what you're looking for. In terms of fitness club aggregators, ClassPass is currently the best option.

The most recent ClassPass price


Includes 6 credits to book up to 2 classes (Per Person) $15.00

Includes 23 credits to book up to 8 classes (Per Person) $49.00

Includes 38 credits to book up to 13 classes (Per Person) $79.00

Includes 68 credits to book up to 24 classes (Per Person) $139.00

Includes 100 credits to book up to 35 classes (Per Person) $199.00


Keep in mind that Class Pass is a subscription service that lets those looking for the greatest fitness routines and classes in any city to do so. Essentially, every Class Pass user has access to one of many monthly class packages – currently three, five, or ten classes – that can be used at any of the affiliated fitness clubs or gyms.

The sessions include a wide spectrum of fitness regimens, from the mainstream to the obscure, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone's needs and desires. Kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, strength training, martial arts, barre, boxing, indoor cycling, aqua-cycling, and aerial yoga are just a few of the options.

The prices differ depending on the city. A 2-class package, for example, can cost $15 per month in Saint Louis, while an 8-class package costs $49 and a 35-class package costs $199; rates are subject to change without notice.

Keep in mind that, while they aren't the cheapest pricing in the business, several gyms provide discounts that are less expensive than Class Pass's. Class Pass membership, on the other hand, entitles you to significant discounts on high-quality classes.

A regular spin class in New York City, for example, can cost anything from $40 to $100 each class. With a Class Pass subscription, you may save money by taking three classes every month at a significantly reduced price. If your current gym membership doesn't contain extra classes, a Class Pass subscription can be used to augment it.

Fitness aficionados who wish to try a variety of routines should get a Class Pass subscription. You can experiment with a variety of physical activities to see which one best fits your personality, lifestyle, and goals. You can also participate in many of the sessions, broadening your fitness horizons and avoiding monotony (i.e., plateau).

You may, for example, take aqua-cycling one month and TRX exercise sessions the following month. Fitness instructors will provide experienced advice, correct your technique and form, and make the activity enjoyable in every workout. You can also take classes in a variety of cities, which is convenient if you travel frequently.

Visit the official ClassPass website for additional information.

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