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Bodyplex Membership Prices ( *UPDATED* ) and Cancellation Fees


Each Bodyplex gym has a variety of workout equipment, group classes, and personal training packages, as well as gym facilities that will satisfy even the most demanding gym-goer.

The following facilities are available to both members and non-members:

  1. Group fitness classes for people of all ages, skills, and schedules. You can either purchase a punch card for participation in courses like Bodypump, Body Combat, Bodyflow, BodyAttack, CXWorkx, Zumba, and ZumbaGold, or add your chosen group exercise to your membership.
  2. Classes for kids, such as the Born to Move programme. Instead of adopting a sedentary lifestyle early in life, your children will realise the benefits of physical activity.
  3. There are also personal training packages available. You'll work with nationally qualified trainers at the Bodyplex gym to create a personalised training plan that will help you reach your fitness objectives, whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, or enhance your marathon endurance.
  4. Cardio Cinema combines the advantages of watching the newest blockbusters while exercising on a treadmill, stationary cycle, or elliptical machine. You may see a different movie every day, which means you're getting two services for the price of one when you pay the Bodyplex fees.
  5. To ensure workout efficiency and safety for all users, cardio and strength training equipment is kept in top condition. Whether you're on a weight-loss or bodybuilding regimen, you'll discover all the basic and cutting-edge equipment you need to suit your training demands and desires.
  6. Participants can concentrate on their motions in specialty studios dedicated to certain workout routines, such as Women's FitStudio and Spin Studio.

Bodyplex gyms are also open 24 hours a day, so you may work out whenever you choose, rather than being restricted by the hours. For obvious reasons, you must arrange visits with a personal trainer and adhere to the group class schedule.

You are welcome to come in at any time to do your own exercises. Other amenities in the gyms include the Kidnation Room, a daycare facility where children may participate in safe and engaging activities, as well as well-equipped showers and locker rooms.

Bodyplex Membership Cost 2021

Bodyplex membership fees may appear to be costlier than typical at first, but when you consider the superior training equipment, gym facilities, and group courses, they become more fair.

After all, Bodyplex clubs are built on the belief that members should not settle for anything less than the finest when it comes to their workout environment – or, as the management puts it, the gyms "raise the bar of excellence in the fitness sector!"

By the way, Bodyplex Fitness Adventure is a full-service health club chain centred in Atlanta, Georgia, with locations around the state. Alpharetta, Blue Ridge, Milledgeville, Newnan, Grayson, Hiram, Cartersville, Lake Oconee, Elberton, Jasper, Oakwood, Buford, and Woodstock, as well as Canovanas & Guaynabo, Caparra, and Puerto Rico, each have a fitness club.

The most recent Bodyplex pricing are listed here.

A yearly enhancement fee of $39 will be charged 88 days after joining & every year thereafter on the same date as long as you are a member.
Enrollment Fee (Single Person) (Basic) $25.00
Monthly Fee (Single Person) (Basic) $15.00
Cancellation Fee (Single Person) (Basic) $0.00

Enrollment Fee (Single Person) (Basic + Kidsplex) $25.00
Monthly Fee (Single Person) (Basic + Kidsplex) $25.00
Cancellation Fee (Single Person) (Basic + Kidsplex) $0.00

Enrollment Fee (Single Person) (Basic + Classes) $25.00
Monthly Fee (Single Person) (Basic + Classes) $25.00
Cancellation Fee (Single Person) (Basic + Classes) $0.00

24 Hour Access, Weights, Cardio, Sauna, Lockers rooms, Kidsplex, Group Fitness
Enrollment Fee (Single Person) (Basic + Kidsplex + Classes) $25.00
Monthly Fee (Single Person) (Basic + Kidsplex + Classes) $35.00
Cancellation Fee (Single Person) (Basic + Kidsplex + Classes) $0.00

Annual Fee (One Person) (Basic) $240.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Basic) $0.00

Annual Fee (One Person) (Basic + Kidsplex) $300.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Basic + Kidsplex) $0.00

$0 Enrollment Fee, $0 Enhancement Fee, 24 Hour Access, Weights, Cardio, Sauna, Lockers rooms. Group Fitness
Annual Fee (One Person) (Basic + Classes) $300.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Basic + Classes) $0.00


$0 Enrollment Fee, $0 Enhancement Fee, 24 Hour Access, Weights, Cardio, Sauna, Lockers rooms. Kidsplex, Group Fitness
Annual Fee (One Person) (Basic + Kidsplex + Classes) $360.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Basic + Kidsplex + Classes) $0.00


When you join a Bodyplex gym, you can look forward to the following membership benefits:
  1. Free personal training appointment to assess your physical condition in connection to your fitness goals;
  2. You may track your fitness progress by creating a personal profile on the gym's exclusive Bio X Tracking programme.
  3. Customized training plan via PlexPlan, which each personal trainer ensures will function according to each member's individual needs and desires (i.e., no feeling like a number on the profit board).
Naturally, as a member, you will have more access to the training equipment and gym facilities, including the childcare facility, whenever you wish to utilise them. Because you are already a recognised member, you can easily pay for the add-ons, such as when you want to join group lessons.


A Bodyplex membership is ideal for a fitness enthusiast for a variety of reasons, including:

Not every gym offers state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment to its members. You'll appreciate the gym's frequent maintenance procedures, which ensure that the equipment is always in good operating order.

There are plenty of gaps between the exercise equipment and the specialist studios, ensuring your comfort, safety, and freedom of movement while exercising. You also don't have to worry about overcrowding in group sessions because the number of participants is limited, and you may always come in at your leisure (for example, late at night or early in the morning) to avoid the crowd.

Certified personal trainers that are passionate about helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle and a terrific physique, regardless of your body type. 

You'll also appreciate the fact that everyone on staff, from the receptionists to the utility men, is courteous without being intrusive in their work, which is essential when you want more information about the gym's equipment and facilities while maintaining a professional demeanour. 

If you haven't joined a Bodyplex gym yet, you should do so right away!

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