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Bally Total Fitness Membership Prices ( *UPDATED* ) Monthly, Yearly and Joining Benefits

Bally Total Fitness is a fitness centre chain based in the United States, with 60 sites nationwide. The centre has been open since 1983, and its membership has expanded to tens of thousands of people.

Bally Total Fitness has stayed popular over the years for a variety of reasons, the most important of which being their high-end equipment and professional trainers.


Bally's origins began in 1983, when Bally Manufacturing, which specialised in slot machines, acquired Health and Tennis Corporation of America and Lifecycle, which specialised in exercise bikes at the time.

Within four years of the purchase, the firm had grown to become the world's largest fitness centre owner, and not long after that, it bought Nautilus Fitness Centers and American Fitness Centers, which merged to form Bally Total Fitness in 1995.

Bally Total Fitness was spun out from its parent corporation that ran the casino a year later, in 1996. The business was listed on the NYSE two years later, in 1998, while former White House adviser Paul Toback was chosen CEO a year earlier, in 1997. (chief executive officer).

The most recent Bally Total Fitness pricing can be found below.

One Club Access
Initiation Fee $29.99
Monthly Fee $14.99
Due Today $44.98

One Club Access
Initiation Fee $29.99
Yearly Fee $159.99
Due Today $189.98



The cost of membership varies depending on where you live and what type of membership you pick. On average, the monthly fee is roughly $15, and you get unrestricted access to the gym's facilities. If you're not sure, you can obtain a Guest Pass instead. Furthermore, Bally Total Fitness does not require a long-term subscription, and you may schedule your payments to be made biweekly.

You can pay as you go and pay the last two or first two biweekly payments, depending on the membership plan you choose. This is advantageous since they will automatically charge your credit card, ensuring that you do not forget to pay. You can alternatively pay in full for your membership, which will provide you the most value for your money because you will not have to pay biweekly and the enrollment charge will be removed.

There are also a variety of access options, such as National Access Membership, which grants you access to all of Bally's network clubs. You will be able to continue working out regardless of your location if you join this membership programme. To use the facility, simply head to the nearest Bally fitness club, enter, and use it. With their Local Club Access, you may visit all of the local clubs in your area, which is ideal if you want to visit Bally close to your home, school, or workplace.

You can now sign up for the One Club membership plan if you want the most cheap plan. You'll be able to add relatives and friends at a reasonable fee regardless of which plan you choose.


Those who join a Bally Total Fitness gym will have access to a variety of programmes where they will learn from professional personal trainers who will create personalised training regimens for them. Your personal trainer will provide the inspiration you need to keep going in addition to teaching you effective workout routines. 

Their motivational techniques, however, do not stop there; they also offer a variety of cutting-edge technology, lighting, video, and audio equipment to get your adrenaline pumping.

Aside from cutting-edge technology, Bally Total Fitness gyms provide a safe and secure environment in which to do workout regimens. The club staff will assist you from the time you enter the gym, and there are complete equipment recommendations, drink fountains, sanitary stations, help charts, and more.

The gym flooring has also received special attention to ensure that there is enough room and that everything is nicely arranged. While there is plenty of space for you to work out, Bally's gyms are also built to allow you to gather and converse with your friends.


Bally Total Fitness' personal training service, beyond all other services and amenities, is what truly sets them apart. Unlike those at other clubs, the trainers at Bally have been trained to deliver the right training routines and approaches that will limit your chances of becoming injured. You don't have to worry about getting hurt or not achieving the outcomes you desire when you use this practical technique.

Throughout your time as a member at Bally, their trainers will focus not only on getting you in shape, but also on assisting you in achieving any goals you have set for yourself. In addition to the individualised fitness programme, your nutrition and diet will be examined.

While all of this is going on, Bally makes sure you're having a good time, so working out becomes second nature in no time.

Visit Bally Total Fitness's official website for additional details.

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